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Naturopathic Medicine @ GLO!

At Aerial Integrative health, Dr. Rebecca Meldrum practices Integrated, Naturopathic Medicine to treat mind, body, and spirit. I treat the whole you. This means your thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and physical body are all integral to your health. To help you reach your health goals, I focus on mindfulness, nourishment, and movement; essential foundations of health. Optimal health can feel unattainable.

My goal is to help you establish healthy foundations that let you reach beyond your perceived limits. Instead of just alleviating symptoms, I use a range of naturopathic and functional modalities, or tools, to develop personalized treatment plans that optimize your health while addressing the root cause of your symptoms. Then, you and I work together as you make challenging health changes. Modalities used include mindfulness and biofeedback, dietary modification and nutrition counseling, laboratory and diagnostic testing, supplementation, manual therapy and body work, botanical medicine, and prescription medicine when needed. I am specifically interested in using integrative and evidence-based practices to address chronic disease, stress-related disease, gut health, metabolic syndrome, auto-immune conditions, and overall healthy aging for women and their families. I am happy to work alongside your providers as a member of your healthcare team.

- Rebecca Meldrum, ND.

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